Inspiring Rowville Personal Training Success Story

In this blog post you’re going to get inspired by this personal training Rowville client, Lynn, who has lost 12 kilos.

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Grant: Hey!  This is Grant here from Cardio Haters Training, and today we have just got a little quick testimonial. Lynn is actually on a step because of the height difference, so we sort of evened it out a bit.

So Lynn, I just wanted to ask you a few questions. Obviously first, why were you unhappy with your body?

Lynn: Before I started with you, I was overweight and feeling tired all the time. Especially after my pregnancy, I was piling up weight that I know I shouldn’t have, and so that is why I contacted you.

Grant: That’s fair enough. What changes have you noticed physically and sort of mentally as well since you have been here?

Lynn: To be honest the hips, so I will start with physically. I lost a lot of inches with you. I have lost weight – I have lost about 12 kg, as of today, ever since I have started with you.

Grant: That’s great!

Lynn: Mentally, I am more confident now. When I speak to people, especially when I am in a public area, I would not have been able to speak as confidently as, obviously, now.

Feeling happy with myself and doing things a bit differently.

Grant: That’s good. Okay, we will have a quick discussion now, so no Macca’s obviously?

Lynn: No.

Grant: No, what are you talking about. You don’t have Macca’s now. What sort of foods would you say you are having now?

Lynn: I have lots of fresh food, not so much of processed food or convenient food. Because I run out a lot, I do my own business, it was convenient just to grab a Macca’s or KFC along the way, but now it’s more like organizing my food.

So, a bit more fruits in a bag or a bit more nuts – maybe just planning my food basically.

Grant: Okay, good. We will quickly talk about your training. What at the moment are you doing?

Lynn: I am doing 3 times a week training with you. I try to do 2 walks on my own and 1 hill sprint, hopefully, on Saturdays. That’s what I do now.

Grant: That’s great. You can see that even for a 29-year-old who is around 90 kg is still able to, with kids, run their own business, and is still able to go out on a Saturday and do a hill sprint by herself, and still train here 3 times a week.

It shows you that anyone, literally, can do it. Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to say?

Lynn: I am happy with what I have achieved, but I am not going to stop here.

Grant: For the note, what’s your next goal? Where do you want to get to now?

Lynn: I want to get to, hopefully, 75 kg if I can.

Grant: 75 kg, and we are at 90 kg now or just around 90 kg?

Lynn: About 90 kg, yes.

Grant: 75 kg, beautiful. Alright, there you go, that’s a true inspirational story. I will speak to you soon.