How Rachit Lost 9 Kilos in 5 Weeks

In this video you”re going to get inspired by personal training Rowville client, Rachit, , on how he lost 9 kilos in 5 weeks.

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Grant: Hey! Grant here from Cardio Haters Training. I’ve got Rachit here. He has only been with me for about 5 weeks now. He is actually going through my new Unstoppable Fitness Formula.

So Rachit, why did you want a trainer in the first place?

Rachit: I was looking to get online casino fit, and obviously I’ve tried a few different things before like going to the gym and all that sort of stuff. I’ve found the workouts have not been that great when I have done that.

I came to you, and yes the workouts have been really good. A lot of variety for a start, and I guess you care about your clients. Even though there might be 6 in the class, you look after all of us.

Grant: Even though there is another 5 other people sometimes 4 depending, would you say that you still get enough attention? But it is not too much where it sort of makes you feel sick?

Rachit: Yes, definitely. You keep an eye on us, and if our forms drop, you are right there to tell us what to fix. At the same time, you let us do our own thing as well, which is good because you don’t want to have someone in your face all the time hovering over you.

Grant: Cool. So the results, now he has only been with us for the past 5 weeks, so what have you achieved so far with this new formula?

Rachit: Weight wise, I have lost 9 kilos, and that was about a week and a half ago when we measured. Then centimeters, we have lost 32 off the whole body. That was 9 across the shoulders, 7 across the side of the waist, a couple in the legs, and a couple in the arms as well.

Grant: Great. Look, if someone is skeptical about coming here to train, what would say to them?

Rachit: I would give it a shot you know. Try it for the first week – the first couple of weeks, and you’ll notice results straight away. Like I said, I lost a couple of kilos just in the first 2 weeks, so definitely give it a shot.

Grant: Beautiful. Thank you very much.