How Laura Lost 5 Kilos

In this video you’re going to get inspired by my Rowville personal trainer client, Laura, on how she lost 5 kilos.

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Grant: Hey! Grant from Cardio Haters Training. I’ve got another client testimonial, and this is Laura. Laura has been with me for a while now. She is sort of one of my VIP clients I guess you could say.

I can pretty much tell her to do anything, and she will do it without second guessing anything. Look Laura, now this probably a weird question for you now because you have been here for a while, but why did you want to have a personal trainer in the first place? If you can remember?

Laura: In the first place, I just wanted one because I was feeling really bloated and I wasn’t really exercising a lot. I was putting on more weight. The more that I tried to exercise and lose weight, the less luck I had doing it.

I really needed someone to kind of push me and motivate me to want to exercise. I also needed a diet and a lifestyle change really.

Grant: Okay. Since you mentioned the diet and lifestyle changes, what changes have you made now?

Laura: I eat more regularly instead of bigger meals 3 times a day. I will eat small meals 5 times a day. I don’t eat as many carbohydrates because they tend to make me feel more bloated. I don’t at as many fats or snack on inappropriate things like chocolate, and chips and all that kind of stuff.

Grant: Okay, cool. What results now have you noticed?

Laura: Well, I have lost about 5 kilos in total which is an improvement. I have lost 2.5 inches off my waist and my hips, so I have lost 3 dress sizes as well. I am pretty happy with the results so far.

Grant: From about 2 months ago, you actually said now that you actually enjoy training as opposed to before when you started. Is that correct?

Laura: Yes. I find training enjoyable because I feel like I have accomplished something, and the more weight that I lift, the better I feel about myself because I’m actually seeing myself improve.

In the beginning, it was tough, but it just got easier because my muscles were growing, the fat was dropping off, and the cardio aspect of it was really good.

Grant: What do you enjoy about training here as opposed to another gym, by yourself, with another trainer?

Laura: I have tried gyms, I have tried other trainers, and I never really saw results. If I trained with a trainer, they would always get me to do cardio – so run on the treadmill. I could do that at home. I could do that on the street on my own.

Grant: Exactly.

Laura: I don’t have to pay someone to do that. I just never found myself sort of going or wanting to go to a gym. Here I have a set time, and it is part of my routine.

I do it every day and it just works for me.

Grant: Cool, cool. Last thing, if someone is skeptical about coming to training, what would you say to them?

Laura: I would recommend to do it. It has worked for me, and I have done it for over a year now, and I probably would not see myself giving it up because I am enjoying it so much now.

Grant: Beautiful. Thank you very much.