From Strength to Strength

Meet our client of the month, Jonathon.

In the short time that Jonathan has been training with us, we have seen his strength and motivation go from strength to strength.

One of Jonathon’s most admirable qualities is his ‘never give up’ attitude; in fact, he never misses a rep. His pure determination keeps him going even after he is completely gassed out; his willingness to give everything a go and train with intensity is commendable.

What we really love about Jonathon is the fact that he never complains about anything, and he never second-guesses the process. He is always eager to train and perfect his technique.

Jonathon has become a truly valued member of the Cardio Haters Training family, and he is a pleasure to train.

For these reasons, Jonathon has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We are really proud of him!

Congrats, Jonathon.

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